The new B1 and B2 Halls maximize the exhibiting conditions, offering the opportunity to extend the exhibiting area, and also create a professional area where business meetings could be settled between exhibitors and the specialists.

Therefore in 2019, we keep on going with the novelties: Romexpo reveals both to the specialists of this field and the general public the first edition of SOMN EXPO  – exhibition of products and services which guarantees a peaceful and restful sleep.

SOMN EXPO is the only exhibition of its kind organized in Romania and the neighboring countries dedicated to a very fresh and interesting topic for its target: the numerous negative and positive consequences of the poor or good quality sleep on the human health. The exhibition will prove to the business community and general public that viable solutions could be found for solving one of their life problems, for instance, how to enjoy a better sleep in accordance to your age and daily activity.

Concurrently, it targets a very specific market defined by complexity and customized solutions, respective, a wide range of products from different categories, but dedicated to all social and income groups.

SOMN EXPO  will take place on 11th – 13th of April 2019, within pavilion B1

SOMN EXPO 2019 will be organized in the same time with ROMMEDICA – Medical instruments and equipment international fair and DENTA I – Dentistry and dental technologies international exhibition.

Exhibition schedule:

11th – 13th of April 2019: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.